The Health & Fitness Playbook for Women 40+

I used to get up at 3:30am most days to go to the gym.

I would pop a caffeine pill for energy and would skip breakfast because all of the latest trends said to start your day fasted.

I would stay in the gym for almost two hours pushing myself to complete exhaustion, in my mind, it didn’t count unless I was soaked in sweat and barely able to move.

  I would eat a small breakfast, followed by a small sandwich or salad for lunch and then by 2pm I could not focus or concentrate and I was definitely craving something sweet by this point, but I 

forbade myself the indulgence.

  I refused to even let such snacks or treats in my house! I would count every calorie and a lot of days barely get 1200!

  From the outside looking in I was determined, focused, and driven, but I was NEVER happy with my body and never satisfied.


  The reality was, I was exhausted! My body hurt, I was always hungry, and my mood swings were intense.

  I finally took a step back and realized how awfully hard I was being on myself. Life is so much more than calories, restrictions, and a skinny stomach.

  Not only was I mentally drained, I started to lose relationships because of my “dedication” to what I thought was the perfect body. 

  I became a teenager in the 90s where the models were stick thin and anything over a size 2 was a disgrace! Followed by the tall glamorous, thin Victoria’s Secret models.

  After turning 40, I saw how toxic my relationship with my body had become. So many younger gals today are embracing their bodies, all shapes and sizes, and I have come to realize, I CAN TOO!

  Our bodies will go through many seasons in our lifetime and it's up to us to show her a little grace and love with every season she is in, no matter the shape or size.

  It has been 30 years since those teenage years, and I am still working on “self-love” every single day.

  I may never truly love everything about my body, but I have learned what it takes to feel amazing in my own skin again and how to truly embrace my body after 40.

  If you hang around social media long enough, you will find plenty of young IG influencers, or self-proclaimed fitness gurus, but very few of them can actually feel or understand what I am talking about here.

  If you feel me and are ready to embrace your body or if you are ready to live a healthier lifestyle, pick up my FREE “Health & Fitness Playbook for Women 40+”.

A FREE video series for women over 40 ready to learn why they aren’t getting the health results they used to, get clarity on what they REALLY need,

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  • That you do in fact hold the power to take control of your health.
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What others are saying....

My mental health and overall mood has IMPROVED significantly! I learned several new things about myself, mainly how much I needed help with my health. I personally require structure and purpose in my life. My time is precious and the support from Kim has proven to be worth my time & effort.

~Kathy J.

If you're just thinking about doing this, DO IT FOR YOU!!! We as women put ourselves on the back burner all the time but this allowed me to put me and my health FIRST. GO FOR IT!!!

~Cathy D.

I was so afraid to have a coach! I had let myself go so far that I honestly did not think I could make real changes. Working with Kim not only was I able to lose weight, but I was able to sleep better, had more energy and fell in love with life again. I cannot imagine going back to the old me.

~Heather W.